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Just offering Osgrid is a poor representation of OpenSim at best. Given their network capacity is still far behind the rest. ZetaWorlds is an open grid, just like Osgrid, but with greater network capacity, better overall architecture and performance. It sits among the top 5 grids by volume within the metaverse and has been leading the performance charts for half a decade.

In general I find the lack of options in the gridlist a bit annoying. While listing all odd 200 or so well-maintained grids out there would be a stretch, listing at least those top 10 that have been representing the metaverse better side should be a no-brainer.

A few years ago I compiled an almost full list of the grids within the metaverse and given the open nature of our grid have so far collected over 400 known grids, some of which are run properly.




Siana Gearz
March 3, 2020, 7:41 AM

We do not accept applications for the grid list entries. OSGrid is unfortunately simply grandfathered in.

Ideally there would exist an automated mechanism such as via an URL protocol which would allow the grids to populate the grid list in the viewer merely from visiting a webpage, so that grids would purely advertise for themselves and we would be kept entirely out of the loop of appearing to suggest any grid, but for now there isn't. There also doesn't appear to be a neutral authority which is neither affiliated with grids not viewers to help people choose any particular grid.

Liru Færs
March 3, 2020, 7:56 AM

It’s also worth noting that grid URIs can simply be entered into the grid box on the login screen to add the grid to the grid manager since years ago. So though one cannot simply click a link, they can copy a link.

Tampa Powers
March 4, 2020, 4:24 AM

There was the OpenGridList project that aimed to provide just that, a list of grids on the metaverse that allowed anyone to add their own grid and makes changes as needed. I advertised it when I created it, but not a single grid cared to update even just their own entries. I have not received a single pull request for updates.

The issue lies in the fact that including any OpenSim grid means you might as well include them all, else you are most definitely advertising certain grids. Firestorm has been really bad with this, even listing defunct grids long after their demise. I simply find it odd to create an OpenSim-capable viewer yet not care to give OpenSim the light of day either.

It is no wonder to me then seeing more forks pop up as of late, especially with Firestorm giving OpenSim the middle finger. It offers the opportunity to show some spine and stand against shoving an ever growing platform aside for favors of SL, which really has all but been declining lately. That’s just my opinion.

Liru Færs
March 8, 2020, 2:27 PM

A proper project to do this would regularly poll the grid URIs for updates, and if they failed to connect, it would hide the grid or remove it and send an email to the person who posted it.

But the thing is people want their grid to be the only grid people really know about because that's just good marketing, any better grid would steal business. Giving users too many options is not commercially viable.

And so, in this capitalist world, grids end up doing their own marketing, so we don't have to. And the users grab the login URI and put it into the viewer and that grid has them. From there it's word of mouth to spread to their friends. “Hey secondlife friend, there are a buncha furries on The Great Australian Grid, come join us in my new club!” And then they hop on, make their avatar, and you have a buncha furries in Down Under Tail sim.

I'm not saying it's perfect, but it's the most viable option at the moment.

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