Windows, rendering and help is broken


1. The Full-screen window blocks me from using CRTL+F2 to switch between workspaces and neither allows to ALT+TAB to a another program.

2. Some In-window-windows like the window for general help or choosing default start avatars are broken (not showing window-content), possibly leaving newbies in the dark (unable to reset to defaults) after accidentally swapping outfits (for example with the "Girl Next Door"-outfit).

  • This is even worse because the inventory/library-folder has no preview and a few sets which cannot be equipped.

3. Rendering is broken for some outfits as a too big head or too long/short feet places shoes/hair through skin.

  • This would be far less severe if the inventory could hold personal notes or show a preview to ease navigation through library-sets

  • OR for default skins, a "detach/unwear all + wear (all)selected"-option would ease it a lot without much effort for developers (just trigger 3 already-available actions in a row).

4. For the Derender-option in the radial-menu it is impossible to restore defaults in an intuitive way. Even logout+relog or some restore-world options don't help at all.

Because of the failure to restore the initial outfit and reset the derender-function, I rated these bugs with critical for "… loss of data, …".

I know that they are many bugs, but it is this overkill of issues which demotivates me from using this client for continue playing.


Arch Linux / Manjaro


Router Gray
April 20, 2017, 5:51 PM

'Derender' is not a temporary function; it permanently adds the derendered object or avatar to the asset blacklist, which means that 're-render' requires removing the blacklist entry, and then any operation which redraws the scene will restore visibility. My personal favorite is to change group tags, but teleporting away and back again will also work, as will a relog.

Liru Færs
April 25, 2017, 12:21 AM

This issue is filled with a buncha issues, make multiple issues please.
"A recent version" tells us nothing copy paste the information from help->About Singularity.
1. This is an issue with fullscreen on Xorg
2. Built-in browser might be broken, noted.
3. Huh? Take that up with LL, we don't make those.
4. Router already answered.

Router Gray
January 7, 2020, 8:00 PM

This ticket is old. If any of these issues are still relevant on current builds, please create separate tickets for each issue, and give a specific build number. I’m closing this.


Router Gray
January 7, 2020, 8:02 PM

Old ticket, multiple issues. Please reopen separate tickets for still relevant issues.





Neon Sturm


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