Windows, rendering and help is broken


1. The Full-screen window blocks me from using CRTL+F2 to switch between workspaces and neither allows to ALT+TAB to a another program.

2. Some In-window-windows like the window for general help or choosing default start avatars are broken (not showing window-content), possibly leaving newbies in the dark (unable to reset to defaults) after accidentally swapping outfits (for example with the "Girl Next Door"-outfit).

  • This is even worse because the inventory/library-folder has no preview and a few sets which cannot be equipped.

3. Rendering is broken for some outfits as a too big head or too long/short feet places shoes/hair through skin.

  • This would be far less severe if the inventory could hold personal notes or show a preview to ease navigation through library-sets

  • OR for default skins, a "detach/unwear all + wear (all)selected"-option would ease it a lot without much effort for developers (just trigger 3 already-available actions in a row).

4. For the Derender-option in the radial-menu it is impossible to restore defaults in an intuitive way. Even logout+relog or some restore-world options don't help at all.

Because of the failure to restore the initial outfit and reset the derender-function, I rated these bugs with critical for "… loss of data, …".

I know that they are many bugs, but it is this overkill of issues which demotivates me from using this client for continue playing.


Arch Linux / Manjaro




Neon Sturm


Build Number

date 2017-03-29, a recent version

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