allow disabling notification (sound + taskbar button flashing), separately, for IM, group chat, and conferences


for receiving IMs, group chats, and conferences, if it opens a new chat "tab", it will produce a "ding" sound. and all received IM, group chat, and conference messages, will "flash" the taskbar button. if the taskbar button is already in "flashing state" it will eventually stop flashing, until this state is "reset" (by focussing singularity viewer).

let's call "dinging for an opening tab, and flashing the taskbar button for every message", "notification", to have a single word for it.

the problem is i have mostly two kinds of chats in SL:

  • IMs from persons (directly to me). these are infrequent, and important for me (i want a notification for them).

  • group chats. these are high volume (one message every few seconds), and "unimportant". i don't want to be notified for them, but i do like to read through them sometimes, so i also don't want to just turn off receiving group chat.

as it is now, group chats "drown out" the taskbar button permanently in its flashed state, and then i miss flashing for personal IMs because of it. and i don't need a ding when they open a tab either, because after i log in, the first 10 times i get a "ding", it tends to be a group, and i may miss a "ding" for a personal IM.

i can imagine that some people want notification for some groups, but no notification for others. so the granularity should perhaps be: default notification on/off for IMs. and for conferences. and for group chats (3 setting checkboxes in advanced chat). and then the ability to set it on or off per group (with a "toggle button" similar to "ding")

in addition, if a group's "notification" is "off", it could be done anyway, for messages that match chosen word filters (so when it would play a sound because of a word filter, also flash the taskbar button)


windows 7 x64


Shamara Henley
March 20, 2017, 1:19 PM

You can turn off all ding by deleting the Ding UUID in IMSoundID and/or PlayIMSound = false. Then set the Ding UUID to LiruNewMessageSoundForSystemMessages (for when someone start typing) this will only ding your IM's when someone start typing. This option can be turned off locally, but most people have it enable. This should work if i remember right.

Beware Hax
March 20, 2017, 3:23 PM

that is not functionally equivalent and not a solution, as it will ding for every message (when the other starts typing) rather than when an IM tab is opened. it also does nothing whatsoever about the taskbar button flashing (especially, can't do it selectively only for IMs)

Shamara Henley
March 20, 2017, 8:42 PM

i know, i just suggest ideas with what is available now.




Beware Hax

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